Island Finance is a financial institution that has distinguished itself by making an important contribution to the economic development of Puerto Rico, being able to position itself as a leader in consumer financing on the Island. Today they have 58 branches throughout the Island.

With more than 50 years in the Puerto Rican market, Island Finance is not only a financial institution committed to the future of Puerto Rico, but also works every day to offer the highest quality of service with a team committed to offering the best.

In response to this level of service, Dataworks designed the strategy of migration required by business with no downtime using Amazon Web Services.

Through the use of AWS, it was possible to migrate all on premise environments to AWS Cloud Services, including creation of development and production environments for the business applications supporting the required service levels agreement and business needs.

Some of the services used during the migration process were: Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon FSx, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Migration Service, these services allowed to establish performance improvements, and high availability of their applications.

After the user’s certification process and the evaluation period, the business applications in development and production environments were achieved, with shorter response times, better quality of service and even lower cost than any on premise environment, but above all with the flexibility to scale and support the demands of the business, improving better service, monitoring and control.