Our Financial Services Team combine deep experience in financial services with a technology-enabled approach to help organizations of all sizes meet today's toughest challenges
Dataworks partners with government agencies to help them achieve the goal of being highly agile through the implementation of key consulting and personnel solutions
Our multidisciplinary approach brings together specialists in actuarial, risk management, strategy, operations, technology, tax, and audit
Large scale innovation, fueled by trends such as the Internet of Things, cognitive computing, business model transformation, consumerization of IT, mobile, cyber security and analytics, continues to drive change in the technology industry
Entertainment & Media
We are a provider of innovative, scalable and high quality solutions for efficient management, access at any time and place, collaboration and publication of rich media
In response, leading healthcare organizations are transforming into Intelligent Enterprises with MicroStrategy’s solutions, boosting their operational efficiency, expanding th-eir businesses, improving the quality of care, and delivering an exceptional patient experience
Food and Beverage
We offer customized food and beverage solutions backed by our technical experts. We partner with you to help you improve all aspects of your food and beverage operation, so as to provide quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency and consistent food quality and safety
Education & Training
The education services we offer provide knowledge, trust and power to everyone, from our global analysts to the members of our executive team, to be self-sufficient and productive to support our business initiatives